Reader matter:

Myself and a co-worker have already been “dating” for three months. I’m not sure whenever we tend to be a genuine few, buddies with benefits, or if he is simply attempting to make use of me personally for gender. This the other day working was AMAZING – plenty caring cuddling, hugging, tickling, flirting, random touching, lots of talking.

But he wont ask us to go out after finishing up work and cuddle on their bed any longer. You will find held back once again the intercourse because I don’t know if we tend to be an actual few or perhaps not and I also don’t want to be properly used for this.

Exactly why is the guy operating that way?

-Shelly (Minnesota)

Dr. Wendy Walsh’s Answer:

You desire my personal stone-cold answer?

Why is the guy behaving this way? As you permit him.

You had gender with a guy before the guy gained it. As you didn’t ask for dedication, and then he didn’t feel required to supply it, you may be now inside no man’s land of a relationship that does not have meaning.

My personal guidance: simply tell him obviously you made a mistake. Simply tell him to just take their paws off you inside professional planet (he is similar to your pet dog peeing on a flame hydrant to keep additional dogs off), and get him getting exclusive when you will ever participate in intercourse once again.

I warn you, you may possibly get rid of this 1, but he will be a fantastic practice guy for you really to show yourself with and be obvious regarding your desires.

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